About me? Really? Really?

About me? Really? Really? | Slatin MotoGear Motorcycle Jackets Jeans Gloves

Yep, the photo accompanying this post is of yours truly. Why? Well, I work cheap for SMG, in keeping with keeping our prices low and our profit margins razor-thin; both to get good and better gear used by more riders. The reality is that accidents happen, which is the reality that accompanies the joys and therapeutic benefits of motorcycling.

I’ve ridden for most of the last 30 years, owned 7-8 bikes in that time, starting with a Honda 90 Scooter (muffled laughter). My Dad rode a Honda Dream (300cc?) when I was a child. That was until my Mom read a story about a non-helmet wearing rider who became a fatality. She immediately called him and told him to sell the bike or not come home. I thought she should have bought him a helmet and better, bigger insurance policy.

I often bought, selectively, used protective jackets, jeans, and such. “The good gear” usually cost much, much more than the average “Joe Rocket” or “Cycle Gear”; not only out of my reach, but easily 2/3 of riders choose by budget. A shame, as that is also a reflection of your value. That’s why I started this company; but the only way it would work was to keep the profit margins very, very low. That’s why this is more a labor of love than a make-me-rich business.

I consider myself a “tinkering mechanic” more than anything else. I hand built an electric sports car (gullwing doors) In 2006, because no car manufacturers did. You can see it by searching YouTube with my name; if it’s still there.

I really do test, personally, every single product we sell, before it joins the product line. Clothing—-jeans, jackets, gloves; I design every piece, improve on it, and it’s made by our factory overseas. Oh, I don’t personally test the women’s apparel, but it’s made just like the men’s apparel—-which I do test. Clothes are made overseas because that is where the skilled labor is; you don’t make motorcycle jackets the same as regular jackets; materials differ, as do stresses.  Our electronics; those I cherry-pick from what’s ‘out there’; the good stuff I go direct to the production factories. Apple’s AirPods Pro? Exactly. I make the deal for the generic version, from the same factory.

‘well, I guess that’s it unless anyone has a question. What's that? Oh, I ride a Victory Vision Tour, 2015. It’s a damn fine motorcycle, that’s why. That mine in the photo.

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