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Hello All,

All too often, I see riders on motorcycles wearing athletic shoes, street shoes, casual shoes, and even sandals.

If an accident occurred; the result of bad luck and bad drivers, the motorcyclist becomes a flying missile.  Landing is never good, whether its on pavement, concrete, grass, a trail, or asphalt.  The feet that were wearing any of the above wind up broken, mangled, ripped and/or torn; maybe to the point of not being able to walk again.  If the rider is lucky, the feet are placed into casts and heal well enough to get back on the bike. Hopefully, the rider recovers, rides, and has learned to wear proper protective gear---no more t-shirts, shorts, regular jeans, and sandals.

What's proper gear?  Well, for footwear, you have to protect the feet.  This means sturdy, solid construction, with natural and/or man-made materials in the upper and lower parts of the foot wear. For protection, good leather with ripstop nylon (think 1000 denier cordura) has the abrasion resistance to meet the road and still keep the skin on your feet.  Strong supportive construction that covers the foot, ankle, and a few inches of the lower leg helps to protect from broken bones. To keep feet dry, Gore-Tex (a/k/a/ GTX) or Reissa, both air-permeable but waterproof membranes, are built into the footwear. Soles that have good grip qualities and are long-lasting are desireable.  A good side zipper makes it easier and faster to get in/out quickly. Let's not forget comfort; a wide toe box, good shank, arch support, good grip on the heel and special material to cushion the feet yet provide good support.  Finally, why shouldn't it look great?  That's not hard to do; leather that can polish and clean easily will also add years to the life of the footwear.

Put this altogether and the result is a good boot.  Now, there are motorcycle-specific boots, some with an external pad over the toes to meet the shifter peg.  Otherwise, it has most of the above qualities.  But let's look at the boots that Law Enforcement, Navy Seals, and Army Rangers put on their feet to meet the highest standard. Millions of dollars are spent to make the best footwear possible for those individuals, with all the qualities motorcyclists want and need; even with variations for weight reduction, specific environments, and so on.  Also, for what that footwear costs, it meets all of the needs, including a long life. So, that's what we are exploring; high-tech, military-grade, comfortable, protective, and good-looking boots.  Like all of our products, we want the benefits and quality high and the price low.

Stay-tuned. We are testing and will give you the best winners soon!

Regards,  Richard Slatin

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