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Cold Weather Riding Gear | Slatin MotoGear Motorcycle Jackets Jeans Gloves

Here in North America, it is getting cold, as we move into the Winter Season.  But that does not necessarily end the riding season, as not everyone lives where they will be snow bound.  For those of us (me included), we need a riding jacket that is waterproof, with a thermal liner for colder days that zips out and with air vents for warmer days.

Our answer to that is the waterproof, SuperFabric SMG-1, now in Black/Grey and in Black/HiViz colors.  We gave it a removable, easy-zipper thermal liner and a hidden, zippered air intake between each  shoulder and neck, facing front with a wide air exhaust in the back. Like all of our jackets, the liner is complete with sleeves, with CE-1 Armor at the back, shoulders, and forearms.  We made the zippers tougher to withstand cold weather and wide zipper pulls that are easy to grab with gloves already on.  Your collar is comfortable, too, with an ultra-suede lining that will not chafe, but be soft and comfortable the entire time.

We use SuperFabric at high abrasive points like shoulders and elbows, stitched with a Kevlar thread. Remember, SuperFabric has FIFTEEN TIMES the abrasive resistance of Kevlar

Priced affordably at $199, of course.  That usually leaves you with enough money left over for a pair of our great motorcycle riding jeans, lined with Kevlar across your butt and thigh-sides and CE-1 Armor in the hips and knee.  We also make these jeans, which sell for $99, right here on our website.  So, come take a look and buy before they are all gone.  Do not worry if you got the wrong size.  We will exchange for a more 'fitting' size in stock and do the same with everything we sell.

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