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"Thanks for taking care of this. Well done!" said Forrest F. on 09/23/2019 about about our Customer Service

Hello All,

There's no denying that without really, really, good customer service, businesses don't last.  That's why here at SMG, its my personal cell number that you can call and every email comes to me, and I read  and act on everything that needs my attention.  Case in point: with the huge sales numbers we have had with our SMG Biker's Bike, we found that about 20 orders had been the subject of "package thieves".  As soon as emails came in from a couple of customers that orders placed three weeks earlier had not been delivered, I sent an email out to every single purchaser asking if they received their order. When replies came in that orders had not been received, I sent out replacements within 24 hours.

You are entitled to excellent service, which is something I don't ever forget.  I do my utmost best to give this to you and if you have concerns, questions, or comments; you can always reach out to me and I'm here for you.

Regards,  Richard Slatin, Slatin MotoGear

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