Earbud Progress

Hello All,

Tracking numbers on three Bluetooth earbuds were received yesterday. These 'buds were chosen to test because active noise reduction and latest bluetooth software versions were listed among features of each.  Also, buds were selected to listen to music, GPS audio and the like. These were not selected for telephone or intercom usage, as phone and intercom usage require giving more attention and awareness than do listening skills.

Active noise reduction---an additional circuitry and software feature is suggested to be important to defeat motor and road noise, but allow for higher frequency sounds like sirens and honking horns to be heard.  The in-ear design is superior to having flat speaker pads in your helmet as there is significant sound loss and distortion with using the pads. Simply, the in-ear design delivers sound into the ear canal, as closely to the eardrum as possible, which minimizes sound loss. That said, caution is needed to not exceed volume above a safe level that can be tolerated by the eardrum and physical auditory mechanisms.

We'll see what results from testing.


Ride well and stay vertical,

Richard Slatin


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