Earbud Search Update; 12/16/19

Earbud Search Update; 12/16/19 | Slatin MotoGear Motorcycle Jackets Jeans Gloves

Your Next Earbuds Should Have:

Active Noise Cancellation

Bluetooth 5.0 with auto-pairing

Full Frequency Range

Unparalleled Music Enjoyment

Affordable Listening Excellence


We’re testing for your winner, and updating our progress here.

Motor and road noise. Easy connect. Excellent listening pleasure as you and your bike eat up the miles. Music. GPS turns. Still being aware of and tuned in to your surroundings. Flat speakers don’t deliver. You need something small, good, and safe in your ears that stays put. We’re on the hunt and promise it won’t break your wallet.

Apple's Airpods Pro 2nd Generation have quickly become the "Gold Standard" for TWS (True Wireless Stereo).  While these may not be ideal for wearing under a motorcycle helmet, its technology has a lot going for it, like Active Noise Cancellation, for example.

However, with so much of today's cutting-edge technology, the Airpod's competitors can be found in Mainland China (better known as the People's Republic of China) and even Vietnam. That said, our first batch of samples are from Mainland China. We are currently testing these:


Some arrived last week, with others due this week and next.  By Dec. 31st, our testing should be finished. 

How do we test? Well, the samples have to have the features above and fit under a helmet.  We expect one will do that, but a second place winner will be just as great, but likely not fit under a helmet.  That said, we may carry both, to provide choices to meet your needs.

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