For Hot Heads, Something Special This Way Comes!

For Hot Heads, Something Special This Way Comes! | Slatin MotoGear Motorcycle Jackets Jeans Gloves
For those familiar with author Ray Bradbury, this was the title of one of his more famous stories.  But, this also is our way of telling you that something VERY special is coming.  Now, I live in Arizona, and when it's hot, its VERY HOT.  But, I'm not alone; this is true for Texas, New Mexico, parts of California, etc.  We make better decisions when the brain is at normal body temperature, right?  But try doing that when you are wearing helmet and gear, and its tough.  Sure, there are  lots of evap cooking vests, Hog Coolers, Roux Helmet Cooler, etc.  These all use water, ice, etc., all of which means added weight and replentishing the ice every hour or so.  Heck, there is even the Israeli Military Entrosys mini air-conditioner (at $1,500/unit!), hard to get in the USA.  BUT, thanks to Thermodynamics, our brains may be in for a treat.  I've been lucky enough to track this down to the manufacturer and order one.  It hasn't arrived yet, but will in the next few days.  If it works as foretold, it will cool your brain about 15 degrees than the ambient temperature.  So, as the theory goes, if it's 90F ambient, than your scalp's blood supply will be cooler, about 75F degrees.  Since the scalp is the 'radiator' for the body's blood supply, after about 20 minutes, your body should feel 'less hot' or so the theory goes.  I'll test this and if it works as stated, we hope to offer it for sale.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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