How to Enjoy Riding without Hand Pain

How to Enjoy Riding without Hand Pain | Slatin MotoGear Motorcycle Jackets Jeans Gloves
Okay, let's talk.  We're all friends, right?  SO, I'm riding a smooth V-Twin, counterbalanced, etc.  BUT, after 20 minutes, my hands are tingling, then painful, and then NUMB!  I rode this same bike three years ago, and had NONE of this!  My hands don't bother me otherwise, not at all in my daily life; just while riding.  My hands hurt like I'm operating a jackhammer; you know, that thing that goes up and down really fast and breaks up pavement.  So, I'm thinking "what do those people use for their hands?"  Well, a month later, I have a very good answer for you and a new product to offer; which are inexpensive, specialty gloves that WORK!  Now, these gloves don't cure any medical problems---that's for the doctors to handle.  BUT, using these gloves, most, if not all, of your symptoms are managed and you can ride again! With these Gloves, you can have your riding smile back on your face. Buy a pair and see if these work as well for you as they do for me. Try 'em and if they don't work, return 'em for a refund.  If they DO work (I think they will), I'd appreciate you sending me an email with a mini-review---2-3 sentences are fine.

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