Meeting Slatin MotoGear Customers

Meeting Slatin MotoGear Customers | Slatin MotoGear Motorcycle Jackets Jeans Gloves

To Slatin MotoGear, customers are like extended family members; there is an instant connection.  Take today, for example...I was actually driving the highway, running errands that needed something bigger than an MC to bring stuff home.  While driving, my thoughts were overtaken with the image of a large, white, MC; of which something seemed familiar.  Some miles down the road, I had closed the distance between us.  Sure enough, there was something, actually more than something that was familiar.  We came to a traffic light, the only one for about 6 miles.  As we came to a stop, I saw that it was a Victory Vision, glistening magnificently in the late afternoon sun.  I called out for the rider's attention, then asking if he had bought that at the local dealer, to which he smiled and said "yes."  I then asked if he remembered the red one at that dealership--he nodded yes and I introduced myself as the happy Owner of the MC I call "Big Red."  But wait---looking closer, he appeared to be wearing a Slatin MotoGear SuperFabric Mesh Jacket. I very briefly explained my connection and suggested we pull off and meet at a couple of exits down the highway.

Now I ask you, what are the odds?? Meet Russ Dowling, a happy member of the Slatin MotoGear Extended Family. He talked about how he wanted a new jacket and like our Black SuperFabric Mesh Jacket.  Even more, he liked that Slatin MotoGear was based locally!  With that---and the eye-popping price value, he bought it and really likes it, the features, the fit, the look, and the great price.  Plus, if he buys some of our other gear, he can say that he met me, which gives him a 15% discount on top of our regular low sales prices!  So, look for me, Richard Slatin.  I'm the one on the big, shiny Red Victory Vision wearing SMG MotoGear and YOU can be the next one to get an extra 15% discount off our already low prices!!

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