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Hello All,

‘We are all in this together’, even when we are separated by quarantine. This provides, among other things, a time to think and reflect. Here is what I’d like to share with you—-

As many of you know, some of our products are made overseas; of which some are/were made in China. I’m not a politician nor an advocate for other countries or their government styles. This deadly strain of novel coronavirus (SARS CoV-2) first appeared in China in animal life at a seafood market in Wuhan, China. It's said that it jumped to a shrimp peddler and from there, it has globally spread, bring death along, as a potential outcome for all. It’s not like China, it’s government or people purposely created or weaponized it; it came from nature, possibly with a little indirect help from Humankind. From there, it spread throughout that country, of which even now, some parts are beginning to open up.

There are lessons learned the hard way by China’s people; lessons we need to pay attention to, such as isolation by self-quarantine. Oh, and those masks, the N95s that we lack and so desperately need. When, in January, when China was taking actions  to stem the virus’ spread; like self-quarantining, these masks proved extremely helpful. China’s industry then mobilized, increasing mask production by millions; and it helped. Our own production in the USA is only now increasing mask production, but it will be MONTHS before the mask supply is adequate.

We have ordered them, and we're just waiting for them to arrive.  We can price them after these arrive; but we're not looking to price-gouge anyone.

Regards and stay safe,


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