Podcast UPDATE and New Products Revealed

Podcast UPDATE and New Products Revealed | Slatin MotoGear Motorcycle Jackets Jeans Gloves

Hello All,

We had our first Podcast last Sunday, with our next Podcast this coming Sunday, at 5pm PST. To make it SO EASY to join, just come to our Homepage (at www.slatinmotogear.com) and  CLICK in the Lime HIVIZ Green section up top; that gets you in. Once in at 5pm, we’d love to hear your bike/ride stories, see photos and more. PLUS, I’m gonna give away some merch prizes, just for the Riders that show up—-that is all ya need to do to be eligible!

New Products. I’m deciding on a couple of Winter Jacket/ Coat designs for Cold Weather Riding; you can help by voting yea/nay on the style/features of the gear.

Next, I came on something that attaches to the lower chin part of your helmet. Like the Bluetooth Comm systems, for phone and music file. BUT this adds VIDEO to the same device. These look like and shares features with the new Sena Pro that sells for $349. But, because our deal is with the factory, we’ll sell these for $249 with a -2- year warranty. Sweet, yes?

Okay, all for now; see you at our Sunday Podcast! 

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