SMG + Wireless Earbuds + Active Noise Canceling

SMG + Wireless Earbuds + Active Noise Canceling | Slatin MotoGear Motorcycle Jackets Jeans Gloves

Hello All,

Like many of our products, the Wireless (Bluetooth) Earbuds started in typical fashion. Sitting around the house one evening, enjoying music through my earbuds, I thought it was time to learn if the audio quality could be improved.  After all, the last ‘buds are three+ years old, and technology moves forward pretty fast. Like computers, its said these are improved about every 18 months.

So, the next day included a trip to Best Buy, then Frys Electronics; just to see what the available products were. Next, tapping into the global marketplace gave insight into prices, features, and a hint at what’s the next Big Thing. 

Once I tried Active Noise Cancellation, I was hooked. Tried it out in several places. You know the background noise in a passenger jet at altitude? Gone. People talking at Planet Fitness? Gone. My wife talking with her Mother? Gone.  All that was left was the sweetness of Premium Sound. So, I contacted the factories that make the products, and got educated, making deals on three products that we now are adding to our product line. One is a clone of Apple’s Airpods Pro. While it lacks Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) it delivers on the rest of the features. We renamed it the AirBuds Pro and at-every corner we’ll remind you of that. I like Apple products, the price is too much IMHO, at $249 for the Airpods Pro. So, if you can do without ANC, these really deliver on high-quality sound, auto-on/auto-off, auto-pairing, wireless charging, long battery life and more; we have these for $69.99. I’m so sure you’ll love them (esp. at that price), you have a no-risk deal. Try’em for 14 days. Don’t like for whatever reason, return them within that 14 day period and I’ll refund the purchase price, no questions asked.

So, we have this in-stock. Try it and for $69.99, you will fall in love with music all over again.

(Next up, our ANC Bluetooth Earbuds)



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