Summer Riding Gear

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Wearing the right bike gear

If you don’t have any summer gear it’s probably time to invest. Riding in cold weather gear when it’s hot will get you very uncomfortable; you won’t think clearly, and you definitely won’t enjoy the experience. Riding in t-shirt, shorts, and sandals can go from “oops” to worst case scenario in a heartbeat, so pass on that idea. Good summer riding gear makes the best sense and can fit every budget. A great rule is “wearing the right gear.”

Proper summer gear will keep you cool without compromising on safety; shorter-cuffed mesh gloves can still have PU knuckle protection and thick pads on the palm, riding jeans offer a much cooler ride than leathers and better protection lined with kevlar plus CE Armor—-like ours!   Mesh jackets are much breezier than leathers, look great, and still have elbow, shoulder and back protection at the very least.

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