Summer’s ending update

Summer’s ending update | Slatin MotoGear Motorcycle Jackets Jeans Gloves

Hello All,

It’s been a busy summer, which is when the most motorcycles are on the roads in the USA. That means you riders need good protection in your riding wear and gear. Here at SMG, our mission is to make the best looking, best fitting, and most protective jackets, jeans, and such; then sell it at low, low prices. We don’t need to make a lot of profit as there is just me. That and selling through internet only is our secret to selling high quality gear and apparel at really low prices.

Lots of new inventory due in the next few days. Pre-sold orders will be filled first, as shipping boxes & pre-paid labels are all ready to pack and ship.

A couple of new items have been added, one of which is the leg-bag. I’ve been wearing it on and off-bike and it’s great. I have a few left and priced it $10 less than the lowest price elsewhere. What I usually put in it are wallet, reading classes, money, spare phone battery, and charging cables. Holds it all, looks good, and it’s both rugged and looks good. I guaranty that if you try it for even a week, you’ll love it. 

Bye for now.


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