The Biker's Bag--shoutout! Extra 10% Discount

The Biker's Bag--shoutout!  Extra 10% Discount | Slatin MotoGear Motorcycle Jackets Jeans Gloves

Hello All,

It's good to see so many of you taking advantage of the LOW PRICE ($29.99) and purchasing the Biker's Bag. I wear mine on and off my bike, because its just so handy!  It carries all of my important stuff and I don't have to dismount my bike to get to stuff.  I know you'll enjoy it and find it as useful as I do---maybe more!  I can re-order it when we run out, so keep ordering it; no worries!  BUT, take advantage of our  extra 10% off discount.  When you order a Biker Bag, you can use a 10% discount code towards any of pour mesh jackets, mesh touchscreen gloves, or motorcycle jeans---mens or womens! We keep prices low to help more riders to wear good gear; that's our mission.   

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