The Secret to Our Low Prices

The Secret to Our Low Prices | Slatin MotoGear Motorcycle Jackets Jeans Gloves

Hello All,

The other day, I rec'd an email that contained a very interesting question; asking "do we sell cheap knock-offs"---meaning cheap foreign (mostly from China) generic replicas of our electronics. 

How Business works.  Well, that question requires a brief explanation.  Let's start with "Name Brand" items.  Apple, Samsung, Bose, and Sony, for example, spend literally millions of dollars building a brand.  When you buy a product from one of those, about 35% of the price is for marketing----the slick video commercials and ads you see, to promote the product and get you to mentally tie a need you may have to a product they sell.  For example, let's say you need a mobile phone, you want a really good one and you haven't thought about price yet.  You are more likely to think of Apple for it's Iphone and/or Samsung for its Galaxy Series phone.  That didn't happen in an unplanned way; those companies spend millions of USA dollars to get you to think that way; again with marketing, promotion, and advertising.

So, let's get back to SMG (Slatin MotoGear) and the electronics we sell and the question "do we sell cheap knock-offs"?

The answer to that question is NO. Yes, we sell Wireless EarBuds that look almost exactly like the Apple Ipod Pro.  Yes, those are wayyyy cheaper than the $249 Apple charges.  But, no, these are not cheap knock-offs.  Confused?  I'll explain; we've all see the cheap knock-offs of Rolex watches, the real ones costs thousand of dollar and the knock-offs cost $50-500.  But, open up one of the cheap knock-offs and you'll see cheap parts, mostly made to work for a few month to a year.  BUT, open up one of our Wireless Earbuds and you'll see almost the exact same parts, construction quality, and durability that are in the Big Name Brand Wireless Earbud.  So, how does this happen?  Simple...I go to the same factory area, and when able, go to the same factory that makes the Big Name Brand product and make a deal with the factory.  Most all electronics today are made in China and that's where I go asking.  It's similar to buying the generic medication or food item; those are always cheaper than the Big Name Brand and they are almost exactly the same---and exactly the same, where it counts.  The features and qualities are the same. No cheap parts, no poor construction; its the same.

Jackets, pants, and gloves.  All of our gear is made for us.  I design it, specify the materials to be used, have a sample or two made, and then test the sh*t out of it.  If it passes, then a small number of it are made and we seer how it sells.  Is it American Made?  I wish I could say yes, but its not.  With the exception of Aerostitch, all gear is made either in Pakistan or China, mostly Pakistan.  Why?  Simple; the talent for making gear is there, mostly in a province called Sialkot.  The talent to make these items is like an "art form", and the "artists" are almost all in Sialkot.

Our Secret to Low Prices.  SO, if I get it for less, I sell it to you for less.  Its money in your pocket, not mine.  Warranty?  Absolutely!  Customer Satisfaction? Absolutely!  I'll even match or exceed the Big Name Brand warranty; that's how confident I am in our products. I bought into a factory there, which gives me better quality control.  But, its the same area where products from "Joe Rocket", "Infinity", "Scorpion", and "Olympia MotorSports" are made. 

Our Prices Are Low because I want it that way.  I want more Riders to wear better gear, so I make better gear.  Don't believe that?  I'm pretty much the only manufacturer that uses Super Fabric, chosen by NASA (the Space Guys).  I use it because its 15 times more abrasive-resistant than kevlar.  Its more expensive to use, but its too good to not use it.  If you hear a story about two friends of mine who died in a moto-accident years ago, because they wore cheap, crappy gear, its true. That's why Slatin MotoGear makes high quality gear that's protective, stylish, and very affordable.  I simply want more riders to be able to afford good and better gear.


All for now,

Stay Safe and stay vertical,

Richard Slatin

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