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Hello All,

So, if its your first time here or you've been here before, welcome again!  Here's a chance to pick up some really good quality gear at spin-your-eyeballs-prices!

Shop here with Confidence. Everything passes our tests before you see it.

Winter's cold is here and that means TWO (2) things to be aware, if you're riding around in cold country.  First, get yourself a good set of jacket, pants, and gloves.  The right gear needs to give you all the impact protection, look good, but MOST important is that it keeps you warm,  lets you move around, and is wind and waterproof.  I'm guessing that at least once you tried on a pair of gloves and that kept your hands nice and toasty. But, if its too bulky or stiff, your ability for clutch, brake, and throttle control are all compromised.  The same goes for a good winter motocoat.  It should keep you warm, shut out the wind, and let you cross your arms in front of yourself. Pants should be snug enough for its thermal liner to keep you warm, but you should have enough room to bend and squat comfortably.  If you can do that, chances are you can stay in a seated/riding position for as long as you want to.

All of the above are reasons why I personally test each and every piece of gear; all the men's gear and apparel I test personally and our women's apparel is tested by a good woman motorcyclist. It doesn't  enter our inventory until it's got good testing results. By the time you see it advertised or on our website, you can be assured that its of good quality and has performed well.

Big Sale on Warm Weather/Summertime Jackets and Pants.

Here in the USA, most of the country is going into "Deep Freeze Mode", meaning that it's getting really cold outdoors. But, for those of you over in Australian or parts of the Asian Continents, or those who think ahead; we have some great deals for you!!   Left over from last Summer in the USA are some great mesh jackets and riding jeans; all of really good quality (like all our products). To make more room for our Winter products, the prices are deeply discounted.  Mesh Jackets that were $169 & $235 are now $149 & $189. Armored, Kevlar-lined Denim Riding Jeans for $99 instead of $119 & $149! 

Take a look through our webstore and take advantage of the low sale prices on these items. We have picked up new customers in Australia and China, and their favorable review comments have been posted.



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