Women's Designer Aramid & Protected Riding Jeans

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Similar to Women’s “Miss Me” Denim Motorcycle Jeans with Protective Aramid Liner and Protective Knee & Hip (CE) Armor Pads

Your Design Choice!  

  • Rear Pocket Design---four different Beaded Design Options--Rear Pocket

  • Regular look jeans; no beaded or other design

11/23/2018---"I love my new motorcycle jeans! They fit great and look great! I love that you are an American company, and even more that you are in Arizona, I lived in Phoenix for 8 years!  My jeans even arrived sooner than expected. I'll definitely be ordering from you again!"---Jennifer Danley

Super Low Price!


Armored & Aramid-Lined

Great-Looking! Great-Fitting!    


Kelvar Lining Provides Extra Rear & Thigh Protection

CE-Approved Removable Hip & Knee Armor


Hidden pockets for money, keys, ID, phone

access items while seated--no getting off-bike


Removable Hip & Knee Armor



Comfort & Cover Stretch Panels with FIVE Reflective Rear Pocket Designs To Choose From       


    • Lowest Prices---Our Manufacturer-Direct-To-You Guarantees the Lowest Prices!
  • Comfort-Fit Denim Tailored for Women with Stretch Panels at Knees and Waist-Rear
  • CE-Approved & Removable Armor at Hips and Knees
  • Abrasion-Resistant Aramid-Lining for added protection at buttocks and outer thighs
  • Colorful & reflective glass bead rear pocket design

 Use the "Color" option to pick your pocket design!