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Project Gizmo

Let's face it, if sweat is dripping into your eyes or your ears are getting frostbite, you are not going to think well and certainly not be comfortable.

SMG Micro Helmet Air-Conditioner, named “Project Gizmo.” 

  • Changes the temperature inside your helmet as much as 40F degrees.
  • Blows Air Cold in Summer and Warm in Winter.
  • No more Heat Exhaustion
  • No more Heatstroke
  • No more Frostbitten ears
  • No Compressor, No Refrigerants.
  • Will not overload motorcycle charging system.
  • Small area to be cooled is inside helmet

What makes this successful than past efforts?

  • Unit is not part of helmet. It can be located in a trunk, saddlebag, or tank bag. Only medical-grade, cpap-style hose links to helmet, supplying cooled or heated air.
  • Linkage to helmet is cpap-style elbow connector, located on the lower left exterior of helmet mandible (lower jaw portion). Only silicone flat tube on inside of mandible receives and disperses cooled/warmed air onto the wearer’s face from Gizmo.