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We're ENDING Heatstroke, Heat Exhaustion, and Frostbite!   All my adult life, I've put up with the miserable 6 months of Arizona's Heat.  People may say that 'it's a dry heat;" but with like a blast furnace from  Hell. I've tried Evap Vests, Ice Pack Vests; both given a fancy name of "phase exchange" devices.  I even tried the "Air-Conditioned Helmet" that came out in 2018.  None worked well enough.  That all changes NOW.

We're developing a HELMET AIR-CONDITIONER. As our proof-of-concept video reveals, we can generate temperatures as low as 31F degrees and as high as 95F degrees. So, if you wear almost any kind of helmet, you can use this device,  Measuring about 6.5" long by 4.5" wide and 4'5" high, if your bike's battery runs your bike, it will run this; and NOT drain your battery.

The unit itself uses NO Compressor, NO Refrigerants (freon, etc.)---it only uses the 12V battery that powers your bike.  Ther unit is designed to be small enough to fit into a tank bag, trunk box, or saddle bag.  It works with ANY helmet, as it does not drill, cut, or void the warranty.  The unit  will be within easy reach, typically (but not necessarily) in front of the rider, on the tank. Our proof of concept video is attached, and we've launched a Kickstarter Project that we hope YOU will be part of!

If this interests you, then please go to our Kickstarter Page and consider donating, by clicking below. They won't let us provide discounts as a reward, but I will, right here, right now. If you donate $10, we'll give you a 5% discount towards your purchase of the manufactured unit, plus you get the REWARD listed on our Kickstarter page. The more you donate, the better it gets (see the Rewards section on the Kickstarter site.)

Donate $25 and you'll get 10% discount of the price of the manufactured unit, PLUS you'll quality for a REWARD as listed on Kickstarter.

Our PROOF of CONCEPT video is included. As it works with any kind of helmet, it may have law enforcement, firefighter, first responder, as well as medical applications.

Our first production run is limited to 100 units, of which the price is $569.99 each.  Tha will include Motorcycle tank bag, Gizmo, battery connector with fuse link, 4' of medical grade hose, and medical grade silicone, which velcros onto the inside of the helmet mandible--that's helmet-speak for the inside of the helmet, just opposite your lower lip.  Full Face of Modular/Flip-up, it will do its job---to make your riding experience worthwhile and enjoyable.  Put the comfort back into summer riding. Join Project Gizmo, today!

To DONATE, just click here for Project Gizmo:

I'm planning for a cool, chilled out riding season in 2022.  How about you?


Richard Slatin

Slatin MotoGear