NEW!!! Anti-Vibration Gloves!

Anti-Vibration Gloves!

This is a personal subject for me, but could be a really good 'fix' for you.  My hands feel the vibration of a big V-Twin when I ride.  Ten minutes later, my hands start tingling and pain sets in.  This goes on for quite a while before my hands go numb.  

The riding solution for me is this line of Anti-Vibration Gloves we now offer.  

• Multiple air chambers ensure optimal glove functionality and
• Individual air chambers are less susceptible to failure for
long lasting wear
• Lightweight, soft and adaptable the air bladder conforms to
the flex-lines of the palm and fingers minimizing grip stress
and providing greater tool control
• Non-permeable air bladder will not degenerate or bottom out
• Durable urethane construction provides consistent protection

These gloves are so good that they are even certified. 

Gloves with the "ANSI / ISO 10819" symbol are in compliance with International Anti-Vibration Glove Standard EN ISO 10819:1996 and N. America ANSI S2.73-2002 (R 2007) / ISO 10819:1996.

I LOVE these Gloves!  These gloves won't cure your hand problems, but will reduce the amount and severity of the felt vibration.  Your hands can feel so good that your riding smile returns.  If this doesn't improve your riding experience, send 'em back & I'll refund the purchase price.

These gloves are available in black, or high viz, full-fingered, half-fingered, and even fingerless.  If you have a favorite pair of gloves, there is even a liner that you could wear under the glove.  

Now for the best part-- all of these gloves are reasonably priced!  So affordable you can buy two or three different pairs!

These Anti-Vibration Gloves worked for me and can work for you.  

Order yours today, and get your riding smile back!

To determine size of gloves or gloves with wrist support, measure the hand circumference across the knuckles at the base of the fingers. When ordering it is best to order smaller than your normal
size. Larger sizes are custom and are available as requested.
To order, simply click on the photo and select your size!

Glove Size Hand Size Hand     Circumference
XS (XSmall)     6           6" - 7"     15 - 18 cm
S (Small)           7           7" - 8"     18 - 20 cm
M (Medium       8            8" - 9"     20 - 23 cm
L (Large)           9            9" - 10"   23 - 25 cm
XL (XLarge)     10          10" - 11"  25 - 28 cm
XXL (XXLarge) 11           11"+        28+ cm


Anti-Vibration Glove Models & Pricing

Ready to order?

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Designed for best comfort, protection and dexterity. Air bladder protects the palm, thumb and fingers. Synthetic suede leather provides excellent flexibility. Silicone dots on the palm and fingers ensure superior gripping. Adjustable wrist tab with hook/loop closure. Mesh back allows ventilation. Machine washable.  ONLY $45.99.


 Padded with patented foam technology in the palm, fingers, thumb
& thumb web area help prevent Hand-Arm Vibration syndrome
(HAVS). Soft, pliable materials ensure tactile feedback for tool control
and flexibility. Gusseted full fingers with reinforced tips. Non-slip
textured palm, elasticized back. Neoprene cuff with adjustable hook /
loop closure. Mechanic’s style design offers excellent fit and comfort.

ONLY $35.99


Synthetic suede leather provides excellent wear and flexibility. Silicone dots on the palm and fingers ensure superior gripping. Reflective strips on the back of the hand and finger tips enhance visibility at night and in low light conditions. Glow in the dark wrist cuff with hook/loop closure. Bright glove mesh back allows hand ventilation. Machine washable. ONLY $49.99


Worn under protective glove. Breathable, lint free jersey fabric. Air bladder in palm, fingers & thumb. Leaves no lint for clean work environments. Half finger style for activities that
require extra tactile feedback. 4-way stretch polycotton fabric.
AVAILABLE IN:  full finger, half finger, OR  fingerless.                   ONLY $64.99



ONLY $14.00

• The 1st IMPACTO glove designed and still #1 seller
• Contoured Viscolas VEP padding in the palm
• Four-way stretch polycotton allows full mobility and
  offers excellent breathability
• Ideal for work in warm environments or as a liner
  under specialty work glove