Motorcycle Boots for Men & Women

Motorcycle Boots for Men & Women

FOOTWEAR.  What you wear on your feet is at least as important as pants, suits, jackets, gloves, and helmets when riding.  Starting with the bottom, construction of the soles, these need to grip well, withstand grease, oil, and weather.  But wait, there's more! You need something like Vibram. Vibram is actually the name of the Italian company that licenses and manufacture booth and related products.  What riders are so interested in are the boot soles they make. What first got my attention was when I learned that in 1954, the first-ever successful climb to the top of K2 (the world’s second highest mountain) was accomplished by an Italian climbing team wearing Vibram boot soles.  Right then, I became a fan. Other companies make good boot soles, but when you see one with a Vibram Sole, you  will know its of the best quality.

For boots to bike in, you want abrasion-protection around your foot and a combination of 1000 denier nylon (cordura) and leather are among the best materials for this use.  Add good support and protection, and now we're getting there.  Now some boots have zipper and some boots have laces.  The best is combining them in one boot.  Use the laces for get that snug fit, lock the loops, and run a zipper up the sides for an easy in-and-out.  Some motorcycle-specific boots are really good, and really expensive.  But I've found that unless you're racing in them, a really good military or law enforcement boot costing less money will do just fine, and they are also made to walk in, all day long.

So now, lets look for a great boot that fits the bill, and for that, we've partnered with Danner Boots to bring you the best and at great prices.  Watch the video below and learn why we selected Danner Boots:


Danner Boots. They are based in the USA, and their boots are either home-grown or imported and all are required to pass Danner's rigorous quality testing.  The first of their boots we selected are from the Striker Torrent Line. These come in an 8, 6, or 4.5 inch height and weight from 48 to 60 oz.  The 8 and 6 inch have laces and side zippers and the 4.5 inch is low enough to not need a zipper.

Great Looking

  4.5"  Laces, No Zipper


6"  Laces & Zipper

8" Laces & Zipper

Great Features


Made from a smooth, full-grain leather, this strong and durable upper is completely polishable.


100% waterproof and breathable, GORE-TEX® liners ensure that no water gets in, while allowing sweat and moisture to get out.

SIDE ZIP (6" & 8" only)

Get in and out of your boots faster with this semi-locking side zipper. It locks itself closed when its zipped up, yet easily releases when you pull the zipper down.


Known for its lightweight properties, EVA is a special polymer that provides excellent cushioning.


360° pentagonal low lug pattern grips in all directions, a flex notch design adds flexibility in key pivot areas and a more rugged outer lug pattern sheds water and provides maximum surface contact.


The 851 last is an update to our popular 850 last. This last fits true to size with an athletic and supportive fit while providing ample room in the toe. Offering a specific heel shape that locks the heel in place for better fit and comfort on the back end of the boot, this supportive fit is ideal for those needing high mileage performance from their gear.

Great Prices

Here's the BEST part!  These high-end boots are just plain expensive everywhere else.

But at Slatin MotoGear, you get the LOWEST & BEST PRICES!

4.5"  Laces, No Zipper         OUR PRICE   $179.99

6"  Laces & Zipper               OUR PRICE   $199.99

8" Laces & Zipper                OUR PRICE   $219.99



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