Where is your Store, some FAQs, & Contacting Us!

Our Goal is to put more people into higher-quality gear            but at lower prices than expected.

Q:  Where is your Store????     Can I come by and try things on?                                 A:   You are inside our Store right now; already saving money.  We wanted to keep the prices of our product as low as possible for you and doing that meant that we had to give up some things, such as a physical storefront.  So, if you're in Arizona or will be soon, don't expect to visit a store and try things on.  No problem, though!  Just order what you want and follow our size charts.  When it arrives, try it on and if it doesn't fit or is not what you expected, just send it back.  When we get it back, it can be exchanged for another size or a refund of your purchase price.  This is a fair trade-off that gets you the best value for your money.

Q:  Where else can I buy your gear?                                                                                 A:  Our products are only available here. We work hard to keep our prices low and if you bought our products elsewhere, you would have to pay more

Q:  You keep saying your prices are low.  How do you do that?                                   A:  We design and manufacture most of what you see here; certainly the jackets, pants, suits, and some of our gloves. That gives us some control the manufacturing and shipping expense.  Other items we select very carefully and only after it passes our quality testing do you see it in our Webstore.

Q:  Can you send me a catalog?                                                                                 A:  Again, if we do that, we would have to charge more for our products.  But, you can certainly print any page of our Webstore and also save a page on your computer.

Q:  I don't have a computer; I'm not good with technology. How then do I order?      A:  That's easy.  Just call me on the telephone; our number is: 1-602-405-7613. I'll either answer or you can leave a short message, including your name, number, and what's you're calling about.  I'll call you back soon. When you are on the phone with me, I can take your order.

Q:  How long does it take from when I order until it arrives?                                         A:  Generally, we ship within 2 days and you get it within 7 days after that; so it's less than 10 days.  But, sometimes things happen that are out of our control; such as really bad, crippling whether.  We really value your trust and your business and always do our best to get your orders filled, shipped, and at your door asap.



Best regards,

Richard Slatin