International Customers Only


We do our BEST to get your SMG products purchased to you.  That may be balanced with your shipping choices.  Our least expensive shipping cost starts with the United Stated Postal Service.  Sending through them partners with the destination country's postal service.  If you have a good postal service that has a very low fraud or theft rate, there's a good chance your purchase will get to you, but we don't guaranty that and we are not responsible if it 'disappears' once the USPS hands of your package to it.  We offer this by default, because the shipping rate is cheapest.  But the more secure method is UPS or DHL; both of which cost more----like everything, you get what you pay for.

The following countries/geographic areas have been determined to have a high risk assessment, primarily due to stolen merchandise/credit card information. Potential customers from those countries are required to provide proof of identity, as stated below:

1. Mexico

2. Countries located in Central and South America

3. Islands in the Caribbean

4. The Philippines

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Due to Fraud Concerns, International Customers of select countries are required to provide Identity Proof as follows: Passport Photo and ID Page, photo Driver License, a front and back photo of the credit card used in the purchase, and a Self-Photo (Selfie) taken just now). Please email these items to:

We regret that this is necessary, but if these are not provided within 24 hours from the purchase, your purchase will be cancelled.