FAQ. At SMG, Pay for the Tech, Not the Brand

I’ve been riding for a few decades, and still do. I’ve seen lots of riding-specific jackets, pants and gloves come and go, from the high-priced to the ‘cheapies’ and always wondered why you couldn’t buy gear at a fairly low price but with great features—-the ones you really need.

At SMG, Pay for the Tech, Not the Brand

Take our mesh jackets, for instance. I’ve lived in Arizona most of the last 40 year; it’s hot as Hell in the low desert in summers, but nice and cool in the northern part of the State. But, for safety’s sake, ya gotta wear something if ya hit a bad patch of road. When a good jacket came out for that, it was nearly $500. You can buy a whole lotta something for $500! Years later, when I had more time to think about that, I made a list of features, materials, and such and had some gear made just for me. It wasn’t too pricey, but it wasn’t cheap, either.  Riding buddies wanted some of it, and years later, I’m writing this.

Popular Motorcycle magazines have reviewed our products,  liked them, and our lower prices. Their reviews are in our ‘Magazine Reviews’ section, for you to read.

But, like I keep saying, we don’t need to charge a lot because we don’t need a big profit—-it’s just the wife, our dog, and me. So we make our own gear and sell it direct to Riders. Everything we sell started off as a idea to make the riding experience better; safety, looks, and good practical use.

Once you try some gear of ours, I think you’ll be back for more. So that’s it; the whole truth and nothin’ but the truth. So, us a try and you’ll be happier and safer for doing that.—-Plus, you’ll have money left over.

If you read this far, here’s a great giggle!

Here’s the Secret...

Most Motorcycle Jackets, Pants, and Riding Suits are made in the same place, so it costs about the same price whether it’s label says Joe Rocket, Olympia Motorsport, Tourmaster, etc. Then there’s the cost margin, which includes business overhead like marketing, advertising, promotion, and employee salaries. What’s leftover is profit, which is not a lot.

So, here’s the ways that SMG saves you money....

Our business costs are no different than any of the “brand names” used above. But, “employee salaries”? Well SMG has no employees; it’s just me and the dog (and he’s cheap to feed). SMG can make a better product and still sell for less than you’ll pay anywhere else for quality gear.  I design, manufacture, and sell our products directly to riders.

What we don’t make, like electronics and backpacks; are typically made at the same factories as the ‘name brand’  products.  For example, at Walmart, they sell a generic version of the ‘name brand’ of Frosted Flakes cereal?  When you read the ingredients, it’s the same, right?  Same principle. If you have to own an Ogio backpack, then spend the $199 it costs.  But, for the extra $130 it costs compared to ours, you could buy a lotta gas or a pair of our Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans. So, if you want the same quality and features and don’t want to pay that much, buy the one we sell—-and pay a fraction of that cost. I personally test and select everything we sell, so you can depend on everything being of high quality.  It’s not rocket science, it’s just not expensive; which leaves you with more money in your pocket. 

When you email, I’m the one who replies. Same is true for phone calls—-that’s my personal cell number that’s listed here. The same number family and friends use to call me.

If you haven’t tried our gear and apparel before, you really owe it to yourself to try us. You will be glad you did—

Best Regards and Ride Safely,

Richard Slatin

Slatin MotoGear