Customer Reviews of Slatin MotoGear Products


About your Tailbag:


"I received my Tailbag last Friday (quick service, thanks), and rode my sport bike on a 200-mile trip over the weekend. Mounting the Tailbag was easy and straight-forward, taking only a couple of minutes. As my bike doesn’t have bags, the Tailbag held a few personals, and I added a few wrenches and tire-patch kit. There was plenty of room left over. When I stopped to eat, my helmet still fit into the Tailbag. The Tailbag was easily uncoupled from the bike and was easy to take with me. It has a luggage-style carrying handle and a strap to sling fit over my shoulder; giving me options how to easily take it with me. Easy to do and when resuming the ride, it was easy to re-secure to my bike. The Tailbag has proved to be a valuable addition to my bike, adding needed storage and helmet-carry space. Also, I found the same materials and features on the more expensive tailbags. I really thank you for having this product at such a low price. It’s a quality product that delivers on its materials, construction, and features at a great price. Thanks, Slatin MotoGear!”—John W.

About your No-Drag, Carbon Fiber Backpack:

12/01/2019:  "I received my backpack from you mid-last week. I work and go to school, and my cruiser is my only transportation, even in rainy weather.  I've tried other backpack, but they failed for one reason or another; such as weather, low storage space, lack of comfort, etc. I've now used your backpack for work and school and it is waterproof, it does have no-drag, and it does have lots of features, including carrying my stuff and helmet inside.  Its the same as an expensive Ogio.  I haven't been able to afford an Ogio, but with your backpack, its like having an expensive  Ogio for less than half the price.  Thanks."  Bob C.

About your Four Season Jacket:


"Hi, Richard,

I could not find a place to  make reviews on your web site, so I am sending this email instead. If you recall, I ordered the size 40 pants, which were too large. I called you and you offered to exchange for another size.

Turn-around was rapid and I tried out the size 38 pants today. They fit great
and are just as comfy as regular jeans, and the armor is hardly visible and is not felt in walking nor riding.  The pockets for the armor are very tight, but I think that this is deliberate so that the armor does not move around when it is needed.

Short of actually crash-testing the pants, I can't attest to their effectiveness,
but I can say that they are very comfortable in moderate (65 degree) temperatures
and I have no doubt that they provide more protection than cotton jeans and bare hands.  I feel much more confident that I will minimize injury in a warm-weather crash, when it is too hot to wear my Aerostitch suit (which is nearly half the year in Tucson).

In summary, your prices are remarkably affordable, the quality of your products appears to be excellent, and your customer service is the best I have ever encountered.
I will be referring many friends to you for their riding gear."

Bob Miller, Tucson, AZ

About your Motorcycle Kevlar Armored Jeans:


"Hi Richard,

Just wanted to let you know that I received your shipment and all is good. The "Bullet-Proof" Kevlar Armored Jeans fit great. Thanks for working with me. Now I just need some riding weather!"

Rich Pye 

About your Jacket and Jeans as a combined set...


"I’m impressed with the creativity and effort you’ve put into the design of your suit.  My only problem is that it’s only a one piece jumpsuit style.

Any possibility you’re working on a two piece design?

I’ve been riding in Roadcrafter suits for the past 10 years, had 4 wrecks to test them out and they passed with flying colors.  Started out with a one piece and it was great, but cumbersome when just stopping for a bite to eat.  Their two piece is just as safe, more comfortable and when making short stops, easy to just take the jacket off and hang on a chair. I’m an IBA member, ridden two IBRs and generally ride 30-40k miles per year. 
Thanks for getting into the market."


About our EZ-1 SuperFabric & Armored Mesh Jacket:


"Hi Richard,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the shipment and I'm very impressed. The jacket fits perfect and the materials and construction are first rate.

Thanks for making a great Jacket at such a great price!"

John Leveillee