Why You Need THIS Video Camera On Your Motorcycle

Why You Need This Video Camera On Your Motorcycle

 helmet cam

Okay, so with technology everywhere and my motorcycle rides being either a daily commute or a peaceful form of therapy, is it better to add a camera just because we can or should we not because of the potential distraction?

Actually, the answer is both, so I'll answer it both ways.  Like most such questions, we tend to go to the negative scenario first.

First, lots of riders are Go-Pro-ing.  When asked these same questions, the response is something along the lines of "set it and forget it"  like the old infomercial slogan.  Turn it on and forget about it.  Plus, if it was a really bad idea, there would not be so many bloggers going with video on motorcycles.  All you need do is have something that is easily turned-on/off and auto-everything from focus onward.  

Second, a lot of Riders, me included, have a  Bluetooth Communication Module (Comm-Mod for short) stuck onto the left lower side of our favorite helmet.  That gadget lets us take and make calls via Siri or Google Assistant, hear where our GPS is telling us to turn, and to listen to our favorite riding tunes stored on our phones.. I ignore most calls, as that can be a distraction.  As to the video, most riders will stick a Go-Pro camera on top of the helmet or on the side opposite of where the Comm-Module is attached. At that rate, some company will come up with the next must-have gadget to stick on our helmets.

At last year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES for short) in Las Vegas, I saw a Comm-Mod from SENA, which is known for such things.  They and Cardio have the market pretty much to themselves.  What SENA had done is add a video camera to their Comm-Mod, barely increasing its prior size.  Plus, it stores video on the little Micro-SD cards, which now have gotten pretty cheap, starting at just $4.99.So, that combined it all; calls, music, GPS, Siri, Google, rider intercom, and now VIDEO.  SENA sells this in two flavors, a Helmet with Video and Comm-Module built-in for $699 (Revzilla price) or just the Comm-Mod for $399 (also Revzilla price).

SO, being my usual, talk-the-factory self, I went to the factory that makes this for SENA and cut a deal for a "clone" of their Comm-Mod, but going one better for better features.  It turns out we can sell it for a lower price and still keep our doors open.  Remember, Slatin MotoGear is more about making better gear and such affordable to more riders than making big profits.  If I just wanted to make big money, I'd go into politics or such, right?  But, I digress...

So, if  picture is "worth a thousand words" than VIDEO is even better.  Here's some videos on why its a very good idea, why you need a video camera on your bike for everyday riding and for doing a Motorcycle Blog:

...and if you want to be a Motor Vlogger (video-speak for Blogger), this one's for you:

Now, in that Last Video, it was so, complex and took forever to set up; comm set-up with separate video camera set-up.  With the R1 Plus, it only takes an easy -6- minutes to completely install it!

The R1 Plus is an all-in-one, neat and small module.  Here's what it looks like, mounted on a helmet:video camera helmet

So, Let's get to the very easy installation; -6- minutes, tops and you're done! 


Here's all you have to do:

a. Side mount the back plate (for the module) with either the clamp mount or double-sided adhesive mount (both provided) in 3 minutes or less. (For the clamp mount, an allen wrench is included in the box; you won't need any other tools.

b. Reach into your helmet from the bottom, grab the top center of the liner and gently pull out, but not removing the liner.  

c. Thread the speakers under the line and using the velcro pieces, place the a fuzzy velcro circle where each ear would be when wearing the helmet. Now place the harder velcro circle on each speaker, then press each velcro-ed speaker onto the soft fuzzy velcro circle where your ears would go.  Bring the boom microphone down where your mouth would be while wearing the helmet.  When done, puish the liner back into the helmet.

d. Slide the charged Comm-Module onto the backing plate. Turn it on and pair to your phone. Turn the video on.  Both have buttons you can easily feel with gloves on or off.

That's it; -6- minutes total and you are ready to go! Mount your bike, put on helmet and gloves, turn the key and RIDE!

Now, let's go back to the page with the R1+ so you can purchase it and get it sent off to you TODAY!     <CLICK HERE>