Ride like IRON MAN! VIDEO RECORDER (FreedConn R1 Plus) Helmet Bt Calls Music Intercom Comm Module!

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No need to buy another Helmet; this makes your favorite helmet a Smart Helmet

Now you can have a Smart Helmet without buying another Helmet!

The SMALL Module that does it ALL!

Buy it for Insurance.

Buy it for Safety.

Buy it for FUN!!!

For Moto-Vblogging,Touring, Around Town, or Inner City!


Introducing the FreedConn R1 Plus E

1080p, Bluetooth, & Wireless



Beautiful 1080p Video 




I personally shot the above video; both the R1 and the M3 provide identical images, in beautiful 1080p video and beautiful still shots as pretty and rich as this.

--Richard Slatin, Owner, Slatin MotoGear

Turn your favorite Helmet into a Smart Helmet?

Yes, in less than 10 minutes.

This is perfect for those who like the idea of a having Tony Stark's  "Jarvis" Helmet but don’t like the $1,000-$2,500 Price.


  • Takes Beautiful 1080p 4K Video or HD photos
  • Is Waterproof
  • 10 minute install, no cutting or special tools needed
  • Prompts Siri or Google Assistant
  • Easy one-hand operation, even with Gloves on
  • Maximum range between intercoms up to 1000m
  • Connects navigation / phone / music player via bluetooth
  • Crystal clear stereo sound (2 speakers)
  • Intelligent energy management system!
  • Noise Reduction System
  • Camera records up to 4.5 hours
  • Uses Bluetooth 4.5
  • Built-in powerful 1500mAh battery- up to 12h of talks, 30 days of standby
  • The intercom can work with five other devices from the Freedconn T-Max S series , the Freedconn BM22 helmet , and the R1 Plus series. But, you can call other riders by voice command of your phone function.

Download FreedConn R1 Plus E Instruction Manual <HERE> 

Listen to downloaded songs or connect to streaming services
You'll run out of road before you run out of music.
With downloaded songs, you don't have to worry about any more data or cell coverage! ”—Richard Slatin, Owner of Slatin MotoGear.

    Customer Reviews.

    *First Review on the FreedConn R1Plus E!
    Bob S. from Houston was one of the first customers of the R1-Plus and writes:
    "I took a chance that this would live up to what Slatin MotoGear said; and boy, I'm glad I did!  The Video is real 1080i High Definition and the calls and music are really clear, loud as you want and that's with highway driving! Can even follow my GPS through it and its simple and easy to work, even with gloves.  Oh, and its great that I can send the Videos over wifi, instead of fooling with cables and a computer.  It intercoms with up to -5- other riders if they're also wearing an R1, meaning that it doesn't have 'universal intercom mode'.  Sena sells something almost identical, but charges $101 more for the 'universal intercom mode'.  That's not a deal-breaker for me.  I really like the "we sell tech, not brands" approach with lower prices.  My friend Jim is buying one today"
    ---Bob S, Houston, TX
     5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect intercom for anyone
    Reviewed in the United States on July 29, 2020
    Size: R1-PLUS 1PACK   Verified Purchase
    This is an awesome intercom an great price love it definitely recommended
    FreedConn R1 Plus E Package List.
    1 x Motorcycle helmet headset
    1 x Hard Microphone and loudspeaker
    2 x Clips
    1 x Screw driver
    1 x PTT Velcro tape
    4 x Velcro pads
    1 x USB cable
    1 x Audio cable
    1 x User manual
    Note: Adapter not included (it can be charged by any phone adapter or Anker)

    Question: Do you get both microphones in your order?

    AnswerYou can request one of the two microphone models. R1 Plus microphones are differentiated. The hard microphone is standard, but the soft mic can be ordered in its place. Please choose according to your helmet type. The difference between helmet bluetooth headset R1Plus is that Soft Mic is suitable for full-face helmet, modular, or Motocross helmet. The Hard Mic(R1 Plus 1pack) is suitable for half-face helmet & open-face helmet & 3/4-face helmet & Retro helmet.

    Question:  How does the weight feel?  

    Answer:  Its very light. You don't even notice it.

    Question:  Does it really work?

    Answer Yes, it works and does everything it says here.

    Question: What's the size?

    Answer:  About the same size as any other bluetooth comm for a helmet 

    Question:  Is it one (1) device?

    Answer:  No, FreedConn R1Plus is the Module with Video Camera and Bt Comms that easily mounts on the outside of the helmet (lower left side). The mic and speakers are inside the helmet and plugs into the module.