Hoodie No. 1. Fully-Lined Kevlar & CE Armored

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Yes, It Does Come In Black

(and Black with Red Trim)


Perfect for Fall, Spring, and Cool-Temp Rides

Great Casual Style On or Off Bike

PLUS—-It’ll keep ya warm!

Read what real customers wrote:


”Hi Richard,
I received the red lined hoodie in the mail yesterday (sending this via email as I can’t post on the site). Anyway, I had a recent bout of COVID 19 such that my faithful Cortech denim jacket (I think I got it 15 years ago) no longer fits (was a size 3XL) that the Mrs got for me years ago (was always a little big on me but now it’s way too big). I lost 20 lbs during the illness so I made that work for me!

I tried the hoodie on without the armor and then with it - the XL size actually fits me quite well (not tight but also not loose) and I am able to wear my heated vest underneath for the colder months in South Carolina. The hoodie feels nice and thick and I have no doubt will keep me warm on my ST1100 (larger faired bike). I’m really happy with it. I can’t comment on the performance on the road since it’s still warm here at present, but now I want it to cool off a bit so I can try it out.

Very nice item and now I don’t have to source a winter riding jacket...this will be it!

Thanks again,
Bob Frank”





Light-Weight and Protective, Hoodie No. 1 is perfect for your “grab & go”. It fits into your casual lifestyle for daytime work and nighttime adventures.


  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Soft Fleece
  • Machine-Washable
  • Removable CE-Approved Level 1 Armor; back, shoulders, elbows
  • Fully-Lined with 320 gsm Kevlar
  • Hood Included
  • Wear It Anywhere
  • Standard Dual Zipped Pockets