Luxury Leather Vests with NIJ Level II/IIA Bulletproof Option

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Men's Bulletproof Vest


Question:  When does a Bulletproof Vest not look like a Bulletproof Vest?

Answer:  When its the Threat Resistant Vest by SMG.

The SMG Threat Resistant Vest.

In the United States, more handguns (pistols) were purchased in 2020, than ever before in the history of the United States.  More shootings and "road rage" events are happening than ever before.

That is why we have combined style, concealment, and protection to bring you our "Threat Resistant Vest."  In developing it, we had our protection tested by one of the only three approved ballistic laboratories in the United States, where we had it tested against the most common handgun ammunition, the Luger 9mm versions, both long and short rounds.  Ballistic Laboratory Report available on request.

These use real Dupont Ballistic Kevlar, constructed to National Institute of Justice standards for:

  • Level II,
  • Level IIA,
  • Level III
  • Level IIIA.

1.  The Threat Resistance Vest. 

  • Our finest quality, luxury black leather.
  • Soft to the touch.
  • Provides all-day comfort wear.
  • Left or Right Concealed Carry Pocket with internal handgun grip.

2.  How the Threat Resistance Vest performs.

  • The Vest is made individually to exacting standards.
  • Ballistic Kevlar is sewn within the Vest, between the lining and Leather.
  • Construction and materials samples were provided  to one of the only -3- ballistics laboratories approved for such testing by the National Institute of Justice in the United States, referred to elsewhere as "the Lab."
  • Knives, Edged Weapons; slash and stab-resistant.
  • Made for all-day riding comfort.

3. Laboratory Testing. 

  • Samples according to the National Institute of Justice test protocol.
  • Most common handgun ammunition, the Luger 9mm. This is the ammunition most often used in Glock, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Beretta, and othe manufacturers. A copy of the Lab's Report can be accessed above.
  • The Lab gave our sample a passing grade, which means that the sample successfully resisted complete penetration by the fired bullet.
  • Constructed to National Institute of Justice standards, which includes other handgun ammunition.

4. Last Chance Defense.  Used as a last defense, the survivability of the wearer is significantly improved, with the area between neck and waist protected against knife and handgun attacks, as described herein.

5. Price.  Regular Price is $699.99.  Right now, we have a promotion which lowers the price to $649.99.  To order, you pay $649.99 plus tax (if any) and shipping with your order. Your wait from time of order until readiness is 4-6 weeks. When its ready to ship, we will email you advising that it has been shipped to you.

6. Not a toy. This is not suitable for games involving ones own ego. This is a last chance item meant to save your life. Do not let wearing it cause you to act foolishly. Life is precious; protect yours.

7. Neither Slatin MotoGear, LLC, it's members, contractors, nor employees are liable for any injuries suffered by a wearer or related party.

8. May differ slightly from photos.

9. As a custom-made item, no refunds are performed.  Be certain to consult our size charts in order to achieve a correct fit.